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June 2018:  Acquisition of the Jackson Hole site for the Tomingas Foundation headquarters and rentals.


Main building remodel: A house with history, part of it was one of the original Wort family homestead cabins that used to be right across from the famous Wort Hotel.  We are starting with upstairs bathroom, near complete now, then the kitchen. Funding will be from the sale of Byron's Provo UT house and most of the labor as well.  Adding a loft, upgrade wiring, upgrade water pipes, water heater. The separate Guest House will be enlarged and South stairway added.


Pending Purchase/Lease: An incredible $25 million dollar Alaska ranch in Portage Valley. Used as a base of operation for film crews, educational camps, eco-tourism and Henry's business Often called "The Republic of Portage" by locals. Unique as it's within walking distance of raw wilderness and yet just minutes away from the Anchorage International Airport.  See the web site: PortageRanch


Long term lease of the Wilderness Explorer (WEX) ocean going expedition vessel.  Will provide a strong, stable platform to create an educational atmosphere as it has been a research vessel for remote locations throughout Alaska and the West Coast.  This project will also need support vehicles, skiffs, trailers, haul outs, maintenance etc.

With spacious lounge, dining area, upper, mid & lower decks, commercial kitchen, plus 16 staterooms with private heads, this ship is well suited for educational events whether tied to a dock, cruising up a river or out in the ocean. The ship is by the legendary shipwright Blount and has all the great characteristics such as stability, efficiency, incredible utilization of space.


Launch of the TOMINGAS FOUNDATION, a Wyoming Nonprofit Corporation. 

Creating educational opportunities in unique settings for children and adults from all walks of life.  Our family has been looking for a way to share our knowledge, facilities and passions for many years, and the moment has arrived!

The Tomingas family would like to take you on a creative adventure, come join us and see what the world looks like from our perspective.

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