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Philanthropy: JOBS!

That's our definition of philanthropy, not to just give money, but to use money to create jobs for Americans.

A part of the Tomingas Foundation charter is philanthropy by our definition; to provide job opportunities in America that have seen a decline; For instance, the logging and fishing industry decline along the river areas on the West coast and the Alaska economy due to crude oil reduction.

The West Coast and Alaska mean a great deal to the Tomingas brothers and they want to contribute something back to those economies and, we have a plan of action. The Tomingas Foundation has the ability by providing experience, a proven track record, facilities and creativity to make that happen. (Experience ref. see Video)  

Contact the to hear about our initiatives and how you can contribute.

Disclaimer: The Lion photos are staged, they are meant to be entertaining and suggestive illustrations of creative, enterprising attitudes. The other photos & videos are very real.
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