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The name Tomingas comes from Estonia which speaks a language closely related to Finnish.

The Tomingas family came into Wyoming in 1912 near Gillette WY then in 1930 to Jackson Hole WY 

Three generations of highly creative Tomingas' have left their mark in education, science, arts and earth studies.  It is in following this path that the foundation has been formed to assist others in pursuing their inspirations in the most creative surroundings learning the philosophies and techniques this family seems 

to innately possess in abundance from many generations of creative thinkers, shakers and motivators.

Byron & Henry are brothers.  Persis is Byron's daughter and Alicia is Henry's daughter.

Byron Tomingas, CEO & Dir of Music & Philosophy

Byron Tomingas has a degree from CalArts in Classic Guitar Performance as well as being an award winning Embedded Networking Systems Engineer.  Byron was recently presented with "A Lifetime Achievement in Music" award, a $25,000 Concert Oribe Guitar. He has won Gold: Best Classical Musician 4 years in row.  WY PBS video Interview. See for more 

Persis Tomingas, Dir. Media Arts & Languages

Media, languages & arts Director.  This multi-talented dynamo composes, designs, directs, writes and performs. At 18, she spent 2 years in Tokyo (through the 9.1 earthquake) working with artists and the recording industry while becoming fluent in Japanese. As a Film Director, she owns and operates an independent film and game studio, FineLine Entertainment, in Monterey CA

Alicia Hall, Dir.
Earth Studies: Equestrian
Capt. Henry Tomingas,
Dir Marine Science

Alicia Hall has been the Alaska state equestrian champion in five divisions for six years in a row as well as a medalist in the Kentucky Nationals.  Her horses have also been state champions under her guidance and training.  She has a ranch near Palmer Alaska where she hosts events and provides lessons.

Expedition master with over 30 years of marine science with his ocean going vessels that maintain an unmatched reputation for "no down time with 100% completion" record.  Henry has a degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of WY with graduate studies in Law and Biology.


Award Winning Solo Instrumentalist

"You aren't just the best guitarist I've ever heard, your an order of magnitude above whoever is second" Norm West

"There are some things unobtainable, and yet you just heard one" Bill Briggs

Family History

The Tomingas family comes from Estonia. John Tomingas & Emma Kenna, both Estonian met in Canada and married. They moved to WY to homestead a farm and had children.

Music Video's

Byron's guitar solos

From vintage video in the 1980's to the present day, over 30 video's capture some of Byron's best work in concert and many with footage and pictures from his legendary long walks "to the far reaches". Visit:

Captain Henry Tomingas, CEO

Logistics & Charters remote water vessels of all sizes and designs for research and film production.  An unmatched safety and completion on time, record is why this unique company has thrived for 30 years.

Hunter Jumpers

Wolverine Pony Ranch, Alaska

Personal Facebook page to keep up with national medalist Alicia Loren Hall, her ponies and ranch full of birds, cats and many other wild critters.

Portage Ranch, Alaska

Minutes from Anchorage, Alaska

Served by Anchorage International Airport, the Republic of Portage, as Henry's ranch is often called, offers unparalleled access to stunning beauty, raw nature, athletic and cultural events. The site of many film camps and expedition base, Portage Ranch is an extraordinary experience.

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