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Byron's Music Immersion Camp

Featuring the artistry and communication skills of award winning solo instrumental guitarist Byron Paul Tomingas.


Celebrating 50 years as a professional guitarist in 2018  See: or

Technique & Motivation

10am to Noon

You can be inspired, but to take flight you must be unshackled.  The mechanical nitty gritty is presented in a nutshell during this two hour session & lab.

Chords, ALL of them and Solo Arranging

2pm - 4pm

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Vocal Accompaniment & Performance

6pm - 8:30pm

The right key with a little tidbit here and there makes delectable delights.  The power of reducing the guitar effort requires slowly teaching the hands the cleanest approaches. TAKE the Chord session to get the best out of this presentation.

Lead Playing & the Blues

10am - Noon

Doing a lot with a little, but understanding how a little can stretch across the entire fretboard.  Like being a poet, you have to have a vocabulary before you can express yourself.

.Struzan Tomingas Collaboration.jpg

Composition; Sparks in the Dark

2pm - 4pm

Creativity & Logic have never been introduced, in fact they are anti-matter.  Logic can however, enhance, expand and rekindle a flame of inspiration.  There are a set of tools for creating music that sounds like music, but the leaps of imagination are exclusively yours to pursue, the willingness to try something different is paramount to composition,

Concluding Notes & Performances

6pm - 8:30pm

Tie it all together in a bow and away we go.

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