The Company Car

This family has always had Land Rovers, Jeeps, motorcycles, boats of all kinds.  When Henry Tomingas was pioneering the white water run on the Snake River (he named Kahuna, Lunch Counter and others) he used a 109 Series II Land Rover which we still own today. 


The brothers Henry & Byron do not want to change this authentic, collectible Rover but they also wanted a modern vehicle for the Foundation but for it to have heritage, hence the "Company Car" T-Rover project.  Byron has a very capable 4x4 Tahoe that was victim to a hit and run which destroyed the body but the running gear is still good. Henry has a second Land Rover 109 in Alaska that the frame and running gear is bad.  They are nearly identical in size, sooooooo.

So, a project is born; Many of the towns in Washington and Oregon that used to thrive off of logging and fishing have had to weather the loss of those industries.  Therefore, the Tomingas Foundation has put their Research Ship WEX at one of the towns and will be conducting marine education camps & expeditions.  But in addition, the Foundation will lease or buy a building or dock with a large building to host the WEX expeditions/camps and the T-Rover project which will employ a mechanic and fabricator with the hope that it can inspire and on going business concern such as a restoration / fabrication facility providing jobs for the community. Further along these line are the VANtrek Expedition Vans planned as phase II of the job creation project.

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