To say Portage Ranch is unique is such a gross understatement.  Gorgeous 360 degree views, a river with it's own private salmon fishing hole, a tidal channel from TurnAgain Arm goes around the property in the opposite direction essentially making a circular waterway around the 80 acres ranch.  A set of rentable Alaska style cabins are on one end of the property the locals call the Republic of Portage, it has been the camp for many film crews, eco-tours and base camp for science expeditions and projects.  There are glaciers all around, long hot days in the summer, biking paths, ice caves, water sports, a wildlife animal park next door, Portage Lake & Glacier visitor center and just minutes from year around skiing at Girdwood and the International airport in Anchorage. To spend time at this location will be one of the most significant moments of your life.

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