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Why limit yourself?

Think Camp Immersion!
Combining; Earth Studies, Arts, Science & Philosophy learning experiences into single adventures 
at inspirational locations on unique facilities in expeditions 
that most can only dream of


Unique educational courses in

EARTH STUDIES, SCIENCE, ARTS & PHILOSOPHY in Wyoming, Alaska, Washington & California

Courses in unbeatable inspirational settings led by experts in marine science, award winning performers and talented technicians. 

The IRS approved the Tomingas Foundation as 501c(3) in 2020. Donations are now tax deductible!


The Alaska Coastal Academy is an Alaskan organization with projects directly relating to education in Alaska and the Alaska Horse Project.


Lease / Purchase of the 110' Research Vessel R/V  Callisto Explorer for the ACA (Alaska Coastal Academy)

Acquisition of the Jackson Hole head offices.

Lease of an Alaskan estate near Portage, AK for the ACA

Work begins on "T-Rover" the company car.......

The Indigenous Alaska Horse project. The original horse that spawned all others!


Tomingas Foundation

A Wyoming nonprofit 501c organization for educational and philanthropic purposes.

Board of Directors:

Byron Tomingas, CEO

Persis Tomingas, Dir. Media Arts

Henry Tomingas, Dir. Marine Science

Alcial Hall, Dir. Earth Studies

Alaska Coastal Academy

Coastal Marine Studies

The Alaska Horse Project


The name Tomingas comes from Estonia which speaks a language similar to Finnish.

Tomingas came into Wyoming in 1912 near Gillette WY then in 1930 to Jackson Hole WY 

Three generations of highly creative Tomingas' have left their mark in education, science, arts and earth studies.  It is in following this path that the foundation has been formed to assist others in pursuing their inspirations in the most creative surroundings learning the philosophies and techniques this family has innately from many generations of creative thinkers, shakers and motivators.

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Capt. H. Tomingas

PO Box 1370

Girdwood, Alaska 99587




PO Box 1032

Jackson, WY 83001


Thanks !

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